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Thoughts on olives and the region

Thoughts on olives and the region

Using the olive as our company logo, we will realize sustainable agriculture and the prosperity of local communities.

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Why olive?

Olive has the meaning of "victory" which is the company's vision, but it also has other meanings of "peace" and "harmony".

​ We want to be an organization that can give back to the community while continuing to evolve, and we want to be a company that creates sustainable agriculture and employment through olives.

Why Shichigahama?

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What is Shichigahama Town?

It is a town located on the Pacific coast in central Miyagi Prefecture.

The town is located in the southern part of Matsushima Bay, one of Japan's three most scenic views. It was named "Shichigahama" because there are seven beaches along the coast.

​              ---------------Excerpt from wikipedia.

Charm of Shichigahama Town

Shichigahama Town in Miyagi Prefecture is a natural paradise with a beautiful coastline overlooking Matsushima Bay, fresh seafood, and plenty of activities.

There are many activities such as surfing, camping, and local festivals, which attract many tourists.

You can feel the good old traditional culture and also enjoy meeting new friends as a resort.


It is a town that is still developing and has a wide range of possibilities for the future, and is a place where your ideas can shine.

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Future prospects


By planting olives and producing products, we will revitalize local employment andWe aim for branding.

Coming Soon!


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