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Bring out your full potential

We were established in April 2021 in Shichigahama Town, Miyagi Prefecture, facing Matsushima Bay with this management philosophy. The reason behind the establishment of Fastest was that while the demand for light truck transportation is increasing due to the expansion of the e-commerce market in recent years, there are many problems surrounding the transportation industry, such as the working environment, system changes, and aging of the transportation industry.


​ After graduating from high school, I pursued my dream in the world of motorcycles, meeting various people, learning and gaining new insights. I learned that in a competitive world, it is important to always ``draw out your full potential'' and take every step you take. However, I also learned that even though I know this, taking the first step is not an easy thing to do. ​

Based on this experience, our company values the drivers who support transportation as support for taking a step forward, and has realized the provision of comprehensive logistics solutions, such as achieving the industry's lowest innovative outsourcing management fees. Step by step together with our contractors, we have grasped business opportunities and contributed to society and the transportation industry. ​


In the future, we will expand our communications business by leveraging the community we have cultivated in transportation as AI continues to develop, not just in transportation. Furthermore, our organization aims to grow, including in the region that raised us, by developing smart agriculture in collaboration with local residents, creating jobs and attracting tourists.


Fruit and Leaves_edited_edited.jpg


We use the olive, which means "victory", in our company logo, and are looking toward a future in which the organization wins through mutual improvement.

​We aim to be a company that grows the local community as we evolve.


Through our telecommunications business, our mission is to reduce the information gap between workers and independent businesses and build fair relationships by seriously facing issues in the transportation industry.

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