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Fastest Co., Ltd. Privacy Policy

When collecting the personal information of people who view the site, it is stipulated that a contract or memorandum of understanding must be entered into based on the Personal Information Protection Act. Customize your personal information management policy by reflecting local regulations in your methods and procedures for protecting your users' personal information.

The most important thing to us is the protection of the privacy and personal information of our site visitors and users.

Data collection, use and sharing
As a sole proprietor, we are the only ones responsible for managing and protecting the information collected on this site. The personal information we collect is only provided voluntarily by visitors to this site, and we will not transfer personal information to third parties without explanation of the situation and subsequent consent. Unless we indicate otherwise, we will notify customers and users of any updates or changes to Fastest Inc.'s policies.

Data management
When it comes to personal information, we always accept inquiries from individuals about the content of their information, changes and updates to the information, and concerns and opinions regarding the management and storage of their personal information.

Information security
We ensure safety using the best methods for protecting personal information. Sensitive data is encrypted, stored on secure servers, and transmitted in the most secure manner.

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